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Any Changes to your account i.e. address change, phone numbers, cancellations or billing information needs to be given to the front desk prior to the 15th of the month.

Club Etiquette

For your safety, swimsuits are MANDATORY,
when using Steam room, Sauna, or Jacuzzi.

A Sweat towel is MANDATORY when working out.

Club courtesy BATH TOWELS provided for showers only.

Do not drop or bang weights in free weight area.

Re-rack your weights when finished in their designated area.

Allow other members to work in between sets.

No Super Setting Allowed.

Use safety collars on barbells at All times.

Tell a staff member when equipment is broken.

Wipe down cardio equipment after every use,
towels and spray are available.

All drinks on floor must have twist on safety lids.

Food is Only allowed in lobby.

Place All TOWELS in designated container before leaving.

Keep ALL reading materials in the cardio area and lobby.

No reading materials are allowed in workout or spa areas.

Place all newspapers and magazines back on racks when finished.

DO NOT shave in sauna or steam room, it is UNSANITARY.

ALL members and guests must wear club approved footwear/clothing.


As a member you may bring in as many different guests as you like each time you come in, for NO CHARGE, but the same person can only be a guest once in a 30 day period and not more than 3 times a year. If the guest is an Arizona state resident with a valid Arizona issued ID, and has never been a guest/member/employee before, you can request a FREE WEEK. After these free guest visits have been utilized the guest may pay a $10.00 guest fee. ALL guests MUST be 18 years of age and have a valid State Issued license or ID.